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I love BOTH stories here, but in completely different ways. What a testimony to God's gift to you of your writing talent that you can tell these two different stories and have them so united. Your theme runs through so expertly.
I loved the lesson in your first story and the very practical application in the second. Excellent job.
Whoops, I hit "enter" too soon.

I actually thought of using the "volunteer" plants, too--but I never could have pulled this off. I love the wisdom of the older woman, and your lyrical prose.
I love the way you wove these together - very powerful storytelling
A unique take on this topic. Had my attention from start to finish. It is hard to weave two separate stories together. You have done it with a master's hand. Good job. Blessings, Cheri
Wow! I loved this. Did you mean for this to so resemble the story of Corrie Ten Boom? It really sounds like it. How wonderful this is. Thanks for sharing it
Beth - you did an awesome job on this. Your writing is wonderful.

Kudos girl! ;)
Wow, this is amazing, and surely something I never would have been able to come up with! Thanks for sharing!
Very well done, Beth. I really appreciated the two separate stories entwined by the same theme. I, also, was curious about the similarities between your second story and Corrie's "The Hiding Place". Thank you for this.
CLEVER and grabbed me from the beginning, as usual. ;)