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Oh, I love the voice of this narrator! Several laugh-out-loud moments in this wry piece. Perfect ending sentence, too! Extremely creative, all around.
Oh, I never can wait to see the spin you put on things. You so aptly described this scene. John the wild man!!!! "You should baptize me!" I just loved the way you entertwined the lifesaver theme. Indeed, a carpenter make a difference!!!! They just keep getting better!
I love the humor that permeates this piece. Your narrator's voice is so compelling and definitely kept my interest. What a great approach, and very creative. I LOVED the line about "water streaming off their faces and sins draining into the river" - yet, I wondered how the narrator would have figured that out, from what he knew. It seemed, at least to me, to be a thought this particular character wouldn't have had. Regardless, I really enjoyed this story - so many layers to it!
Great stuff here! In my humble opinion, this deserves to be a winner.
Truly "masterfully" written--a real pleasure to read!
Very creative take on a beloved Biblical account of our Savior's baptism. Great job!
I love it, love it, love it! I agree about the narrator commenting on the sins washing away being a little out of character, but this was great!
I read this earlier and loved it ... "I cant save all of you at once. Swim if you must, but in an orderly fashion, please. But they werent listening to anyone except John." Terrific. Grabbed my attention and had me chuckling all the way through.
Loved it!!! Very unique take on it :)
An excellent story and I was amused by the ending. A very good adaptation of a familiar story. Thanks for sharing it
I really enjoyed reading this. It's unique, and well-written, too. Very well done.
A very unique and interesting take on the topic. The humor was great throughout the piece. Not only was it a fun read, it was also very well written. Nice work!
Hehe This was great. I knew I would love it from the first line: "It seemed like a good idea at the time." Seems like many great stories start with that line.
I loved this story. It kept my attention all the way through. Very creative!
Knew this was a keeper from the first line. Great fun piece. Excellent addition to the fare this week! You'll score well!
I loved the voice on this one. You really made the scene come alive. A well deserved placing. yeggy
Loved this entry, Helen! Kudos on the creative angle and great writing.