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The way you started us off in the dream and then kept that thread going through the rest of the story was effective. Well done.
My favorite line - He guards your life, dear sister. He will not let you drown in these stormy waters. Leigh encouraged with a whisper. Awesome take on the topic.

Your beginning with a dream brought me into the story. You really depicted the anguish of a hurting family and the spiritual strength of your main character. :^)
Sweet, and well developed.I was a little thrown off when the name 'Sue' popped into the picture. I had to take a moment to figure out who that was.

Other than that , great job.
Nice parallels ... strong emotions, real life situation. Really struck a chord. Nice job!
I love this! The dream images are woven expertly through this wonderful piece to make an absolutely masterful tapestry of writing. Wow.
I really liked your story. I loved how it was such a real depiction of the pain that comes with loss. You portrayed these emotions very well! I'm glad that the realisation of hope was coupled with the pain though. It shows that regardless of the circumstances, God is there as our life-guard. Well done babe! xox --- kris
Starting with a dream and moving into real life worked really well in thie story. Loved the 'rogue wave' met a few of them myself. yeggy