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You captured some beautiful moments that I could easily picture. I think that if you had introduced us to Mad Melvin at the beginning the story would have flowed even better - there was a lot that you explained, and a lot of the info. could have been left out in order to make Melvin and his rescue of the boy much more solid. With 750 words it helps a lot to restrict the story to one incident without too much info. on anyone but the MCs.
Titan's Point sounds like the perfect place for me to live. I liked your characters, and the way Mel has gone fishing in his mind. Is this a true story? Sounds real.

Blessings as you write to glorify HIM!
A rich, visual description with very believable characters.
I liked this story very much, and I was definitely captured by the story. Excellent work; thanks for sharing this
Great job. It was very believable, especially the part about the one someone would "least expect" being the one who saves him. Great job.
Well done, visual, like the opening of a longer work. Thanks for sharing.
You did a wonderful job of setting this story, and giving us all the little details necessary to make it very real. Wonderful!
great descriptions. Really started with a bang and kept on from there. Good read! :-)
Great piece, well deserved win. COngratulations
Congrats! Awesome job!
Congratulations! Nice job.
Congratulations, James! This was very entertaining. I love your unique characters and the twist with Mad Melvin saving your main character.
I particularly liked the first section because it appealed to more than the sense of sight. Also the way the story had a future i.e. Tommies reappraisal of Mad Melvin and the changing feelings of an adolescent boy towards girls. yeggy