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I was SO impressed with how well you wove the "technical description" required for parts of this piece with the story itself. I expected it to be distracting, but it was not in any way. This was VERY engaging and engrossing. I love the content AND format of your last sentence. Bravo!
Had I not read your entry I might not have remembered my own 'drowning moment' during my high school canoe trip. You gripped the situation masterfully; as if you were telling my own story. WOW-this sent chills down my spine. Awesome job!
Very real...made me think back to my moments stuck underneath a white water rafting raft. Powerful testimony!
Powerful entry. I liked the mood and style of the writing. The first paragraph threw me a little, because the first couple of sentences seemed to be almost from the bus's POV, and the 500 count sheet analogy took me a few reads to figure out, hehe, but I loved the description of the piece. I especially liked the formatting of the last line, and the parts in italics. They gave a hint of the unreal slowness and muddledness that comes in a situation like that.
Your descriptions are exquisite. I especially laughed at the line about using the adrenaline 'to your disadvantage' - very effective.

Well done!
Those last 4 words, each in their own line--so simple, and so very powerful!
I loved this line: Canoe paddle now drifting delightedly free of the idiot�s grip down the floating waterway.... I like how you inserted a bit of humor into an otherwise serious piece.
A wonderfully written and touching story. It swept me along with the tide of the tale, and I thank you for sharing this.
A nice touching offering. Thank you for sharing this piece.
dramatic... scary! Very well told. Good work!
I would have been petrified to even attempt rapids, let alone a dam! Great narrative! Your title was clever, and I liked the little descriptive scenes here and there throughout your story.
Certainly had me on the edge of my seat with this story. Loved the way you were able to inject humour into the most scary bits.