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Love it, Beautifully done.
Masterfully done - I was captivated from beginning to end. I loved both parts of this poem, and especially the end of the second part.
Excellent--the two halves perfectly compliment each other, and the rhyme and meter are spot on.

If I were to nitpick at all, it would be to get rid of the long row of asterisks in favor of only three, and no extra space between the halves. Will make it seem more like one unified poem.

I like this poem (have known people like Luke.)
Well done. I love the comparison of both halves.
Very interesting poem. At first my mind jumped to Luke, the disciple - I have no idea why. Was a sharp jolt back when I realize how far off I was! But I liked the two parts of this poem and his ultimate rescue. Good work.
Great poem. Everything flowed to make a very cohesive poem. I especially liked the last few stanzas.
Very strong piece. Really kept my attention. Love the word use!
Excellent writing - well done!
Good verse, very well done.