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Since I suspect who might have written this (although it could be someone else too) I'd like the author to know I loved this - all the way through until the last stanza.

I don't usually like to leave even a tiny critique because sometimes others will focus only on that bit of suggestion.

But the last stanza threw me off somewhat. There is such a build up of sin and evil, and then such a short reference to The Power that sets free. And when he faded away it didn't seem to fit. I would have liked Victory to be the one left standing - Powerful and in sight for all to see.

And although I know it's true, (somewhat) the newborn refrence was sad. It would have helped the reader to read of a different target.

With so many reads and not any comments I just wanted to give my opinion since I liked this so much. Love, Pat

Please post more of your poems at Poetry and Poets of God:
I'm speechless...excellent doesn't quite cover it.
This is truly beautiful. Not only do I love it passion and creativity, but it overflows with spiritual truth. And being old-fashioned, I guess, I still like best poetry that rhymes.

God has given you a gift of insight that can be used to lift up those who fear there is no way out. I pray you will use it to its full.
Excellent work Kenn. I always love to read your inisght into the heart of man. Have you ever thought of counseling as a career?
Kenn, this is fantastic! Congratulations! It's very surprising to see how many people have viewed the poem and how few have commented. Thank you for putting God's redemptive work so eloquently!
Wow. Such and engrossing and many layered read.
Well done! Congratulations!
This was such a pleasure to judge and I was thrilled when I saw how you placed. Congrats on a well deserved win. Jules.
This is excellent, Kenn. It poetically captures the work of the Great Phycisian.
You have mastered the art of poetry. Just when I think one of your poems HAS to be the best ever, you deliver another masterpiece. I am in awe of such talent. Give us more!
What a gift God's given you, Kenn!
I'm speechless after reading another masterpiece---Congrats on another well-deserved win!