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LOL! I really liked this story. The characters were believable, quirky and lovable.
This is cute. I didn't see that end coming. I enjoyed this article.
Hehe, fun story! A few of the sentences seemed a bit on the run-on side, but otherwise great job!
This was fun - loved your ending.
Very funny Linda - you sure have a way with dem accents and diagnoses!!
Note from author: Many of us southern folk often speak in run-on sentences. LOL
It must be in the blood. :0)
Linda, just read this as I'm editing for the Unsung Heroes book. It's a hoot! The run on sentences add to the ditziness of the sisters. I sort of suspected where it may be going toward the end, but that didn't spoil a thing. You have a real talent in portraying this type of character. You did it with the Struggle Creek project, and you did it again here. I could see the town and these two ladies as clearly as if I'd been there watching it all take place. Don't stop doing what you do so wonderfully well. Your humor is a tonic! Love, Deb