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Great story! You gave us enough about this struggling relationship by being subtle, and then gave us subtle hope at the ending. Masterful writing.
Okay ... so ... this brought tears to my eyes. Love the ending - after I felt I could breath again! ;) Good work!
oh, warm fuzzies! Great job!
I was right there with the two of them, and could sense the desperation in the father. This was masterfully written.
I loved the emotion in this story, but I also like the hope you gave us at the end, hope for healing of both body and relationship. Excellent writing.
William, this was masterfully crafted and intensely suspenseful and amazingly gripping! I definitely held my breath through much of this. You did an exceptional job of charaacterization in such a short piece. I have many favorite lines - this one is going in my favorites!
Gripping story. Solid characterisation and sense of place. Realistic relationships between the characters. Loved the hint of hope at the end. yeggy
Great story, kept me intrigued the whole way, well done.
Wow. Goose bumps! A wonderfully written and gripping story. I was very touched by this. Thanks for sharing!
This brought a few tears. Well done and well written, I loved the ending!
My heart is still pounding! Wonderful.
boo hoo!! great story with an ending that got me! I love those kind of stories. Wouldn't change a thing. You did a great job.:)
Great title, wonderful story. A litle bit of everything...suspense, drama, and emotional intensity. Excellent story-telling. A+