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Thanks for your courage in writing this story. Whether or not it is true, it is an accurate portrayal of a difficult issue. In this case, the child was more fortunate than most, in that he had two adults willing to hear and believe him. Well-written.
Powerful and well-written article. I had a few questions that could be clarfied in a final edit. I admired Sammy's grace even through his pain. The faith of a child...very moving.
Great job at conveying the emotions of a child who desperately needs an emotional healing for an abuse.
Well done with a sensitive subject.
Oh, this was so sad but touching. Very convincing and well written. It's sad to think that this kind of thing happens but I agree with the poster that said it's fortunate that Sammy had two adults who listened to him and believed him. This was well done. Thanks for sharing it!
This one tore my heart out. You did an exceptional job with a VERY sensitive subject. The reactions of EVERYONE seemed right on - and I was AMAZED at Sammy's faith. This one will linger in my mind for a long time!
I almost didn't want to finish reading this, but I just had to. (That's a good evoked some powerful emotions in me.)
This was very well written, and in my opinion, one of the best pieces I've read on the doctor/nurse subject so far.
There needs to be writing on sensitive subjects like this. Thanks for stepping out with your pen on such a sensitive subject. This piece really grabs the heart. Great job.
This was POWERFUL. I was totally there with you. Having had a child who was sexually abused, it was all too familiar to me. The viewpoint you chose was excellent and not often used: a physician whose son was there. That physician became so much like us: on the fringes and horrified. It was much more powerful this way, I think. Perhaps because I, too, have been on that fringe. This was a very realistic piece capturing the horror of abuse.