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Very interesting allegory. I enjoyed this a lot, although I suspect it may be marked down for being a bit weak on topic. Still good writing though.
Facinating story. I can guess who wrote this. Good job!
Very engaging and moving. Great detail!
Absolutely facinating Yeggs! Wow! You nailed it! Wow!

I don't know what a baby dragon would be called - a chick seemed not as strong a word for dragons. But I wouldn't know what else to suggest anyway.

There were so many layers to this the reader felt like if they kept on digging they'd keep on finding treasures.

I LOVED this.
I'm not a huge fantasy fan, but this--this was special. Makes me reconsider my preferences!

Did you mean "farewell" at the end?

Maybe I've been reading the wrong fantasies, because truly, I found this quite lyrical.
I was rooting for the dragonet to hatch. I wasn't disappointed. This was a fun read, and well-written.
Wow, I love it. This is my genre of choice, so I hope it wins! Great story.
Very interesting story. Very well written. Inriguing and enthralling. Thanks for sharing it.
Finally!!!!!! I have been waiting for you to reveal your true gifts in this genre! This is beautiful, Yeggy!!!!! I savored every word. Bless you for captivating us with your story. I hope to be reading the book in the near future.
Great title! This was a fun and enjoyable read. Good job! I liked the setting and realistic descriptions.
Great allegories in this one - you did really well for a genre you're not used to.
Magnificent! Just beautiful.
I felt like I was reading an Anne MacCaffery! VERY well written :)