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Oh, I know who this is! Absoltuely brilliant - you had me totally gripped and chuckling right down to the last line. Fantastic.
And to think we read these nyrsery rhymes to our kids - good fun. I can you smiling as you thought up each one!
sorry for my typos!
Delightfully creative!
Absolutly Adorable! A great springboard for a children's book, I think.
Simply DELIGHTFUL and fun - I couldn't wait to see who was going to show up next! I caught what was going on very soon, and didn't want to stop reading from that moment on. I have a guess as to whose this is - hmmmmm. Guess I'll find out if I'm right! I love your ending too!
A+++++ for creativity, Jan! Too cute for words. Loved, loved, loved it! :-)
Oh Jan! I, too didn't want to stop reading! This will be a classic itself one day!

And guess what? I found a word that was easy to misspell, 'for' what you were using it 'for.' (you probably have already spotted it anyway) Right after the March 28 paragraph. ;)

Loved it Jan!
Loved it! This is off the chart for creativity. Your voice and word choice is superb. Excellent work of a very talented writer. One of my favorite lines: I told her that at seven, he was far too young to be tending sheep. Your ending had me laughing out loud:) Great job!
and here the doctor thought that he would be gaining an adventure. Very cute.
Incredibly incredible! Your imagination! Wow! I'm still chuckling! Masterfully crafted, but then I would expect no less from you! What a gift you have! :)
Too cute. Extremely clever. But what ever happened to Dr. Foster after he stepped in a puddle right up to his middle and never went to Gloucester again?
Only you Jan, could come up with something this smart.
God bless.
This is delightful, and I just LOVED it! What a fun read. Thank you for writing this charming piece.
Hey, I'm another fan. Great fun! Keep writing!!! Wonderful!

What a treat!! ROFL! Jan, let me state the obvious again...You're a Master artist of the short story! What a delight!
What can I say that hasn't already been said? This is wonderful. I loved it.
Very very funny! I loved this from the beginning to the end. A wonderfully funny article. Thanks for sharing it!
Glad to see you do another funny piece, and this was was SO creative! Thanks for the laugh.
Wow - are you creative or what!! This was so well done - in a way that was unique. Hope this does well because it is a keeper!!
ROFL - just gorgeous! Well done!
This was one of those entries that I read again and again and each time enjoyed a good laugh. Great writing. Jules
Jan, I'm doing the editing for the book for this particular challenge now, and this winner absolutely made my day. Jan, you're a legend! Your imagination is incredible, and this one is a treat of a read. When it got to being called to carry out reconstructive surgery on an egg, I was laughing out loud. Thanks for the smile and day brightener.

Love, Deb