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I just love the gentle humor here! Emily's "cold speak" was perfectly rendered, and the bubble gum incident was just tender and sweet. Very nice.
I loved it! The word pictures, the "dialect," everything! Technical stuff aside - what an amazing picture of a loving mommy and a trusting little girl!

Thanks, and God bless,

Been there, done that! (minus the stick of bubble gum genius) ;) What we won't think of in a panic for our kids!

Perfect POV, dialogue and emotion from a well seasoned writer! ;)

Loved it.

A messy situation for Doctor Mom.. But such a blessing. Good story, Great read.. Well done.
been on the end of the meds. Loved it though. I was sounding like Emily for the past couple of weeks--just without the liquid cold meds.

Great job.
Very creative & lots of humor here...Yes, the role of "doctor" is only one hat that busy moms wear & are on call 24/7. Great job!
What mother couldn't relate to this well-told story? This was a very enjoyable read. Well done.
Very, very nice!!!!
Even as dad and grandpa I've pulled that shift. You hit the nail on the head. Besides all the mechanical stuff you do so well, I really enjoyed the story and hearing the heart of the author. God bless.
Wow, this was great! Being a dad, I've done this when my daughter and wife were sick, and I've been the dad in this story as well. Great writing.
I can definitely relate to this and it made me smile. Well written and well done! Thanks for sharing this.
Very cute story Lynda. The end didn't wrap it up as much as I would have liked, but the rest of it made me smile.
I thought you wrapped it up really well in the end with that statement that 'Mommy is a job I wouldn't trade for anything in the world'. GREAT writing, as always!
Lynda, I just read this as I'm editing the Unsung Heroes book. Honestly, who else would think of putting a piece of bubble gum in a bottle of cold medicine? You are a "mom-lit" natural. Everything about this was a treat to read. Thanks for the smile. Love, Deb