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Nice. Good point, subtly made, with a nice slice of humor - and a good measure of faith.

Thanks, and God bless,

OH!! Yea in advance for the "silent majority." I think a lot of people would back this brave teacher. Very well done.
What a creative way to communicate a firmly-help point of view! Loved it.

One spelling error: boarder/border.

Not sure if it's entirely realistic, but it works very well as satire. Very well indeed.
Wonderful satire, William! And SO true! I love the comments out of the school board members - but ESPECIALLY those from the teacher. Wonderful!
Very creative. Point well made.
Glad your teacher eventually found something to say - know the feeling. The voice of the grade nine writer seemed very realistic. Loved the tongue in cheek layered over a deeper concern.
Way to go with this! I LOVED the ending, great job and awesome writing. I really liked how the 'student' sent in the letter and how the Teacher stood up to the school board.
Oooh, nice! I love that teacher! I think this line from the students letter was the best: "starting a step here on a waxed school hallway, and finishing it on streets of gold would be cool, especially if I was on my way to Geometry." Made me grin and say "Oh, yah, it would!" Good for the teacher not losing his temper, and coming up with the perfect response. Great job!!
A perfect response to those shortsided board members. I enjoyed reading this very much! Thanks for sharing it.
An interesting point of discussion - makes me cringe, actually. Liked that bold ending - whew!!! Atta boy!