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This brought tears to my eyes. Thanks.
Awesome perfection ...
Very touching. I love the contrast between her and you, the able bodied one, sitting like a pile of mud!

As a sub for a paraprofessional for special needs students, I really enjoyed this! Masterfully written!
I really enjoyed this. It's amazing the way people react to things when we don't think they can, isn't it? God really as a way of connecting His creations to their Creator.
You paint a picture - no, a masterpiece - with your words, especially the last couple paragraphs. This is absolutely lovely! And what a lesson. Bravo!
Oh, what a beautiful to remind us all to stop and smell the roses. This was wonderful, and the descriptions lovely.
I meant to say beautiful *way*.
This is so great. this article is a teaching lesson in itself to others as Maddie taught you to appreciate the things that seem ordinary and that people overlook. It was written in a truly touching way just as the things of nature evoked a response in Maddie.
This is beautiful. Well done!
Lovely. I first fell in love with this phrase: "the little girl sat paralyzed by disease, frozen in a slice of life unknown to the rest of us" - and then these sentences: "Relationships for Maddie were of a different sort. Hers was a secret life of rendezvous with butterflies and kisses from amber leaves."

Simple, convicting, true, altogether brilliant.

This is very, very beautiful. Many congratulations.
What a delightful and profound story. Thank you for sharing your gift.
This was wonderful! Congrats on your win!!
April, I don't think I've seen you on the boards. This was exquisite.
I can see why this one won! Very visual and insightful writing and a touching read.
This is the most touching, descriptive, fluid challenge piece I've read to date. Congratulations on your win!