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Realistic conversation and I always like that. Your point was well made and it's a good take on the topic. Nice job.
I like this. I can only imagine the pain of seeing one's kids not walking with God. Great job portraying that.
Your point came across well. The dialogue catalogued Rosie's frustration and also gave the reader an insight into four family members right there. We saw in the end hope which strengthens our faith.
Real dialogue and real life struggles. I liked the interjection of the squirrel's activities. It brought the piece to life and caused me to seek out a deeper meaning. Also, you know a story is a success when you have touched the life of another. Great job!
I, too, loved the squirrel, the very real dialog, and the subtle interjection of hope at the end. Nicely done.
The dialogue is so deep AND realistic! I can feel her pain so intensely - and I love the ending! Great job!
You've really nailed this character. You made me feel for her and desperately want everything to work out well. Just enought description of her workplace and the squirrel to ground this piece in the real world.
Hmmm, this was fun reading, the dialouge was a little confusing in a few places, and I didn't fully grasp the significance of the sister's relationship 'till the end. I thought she was just talking to a guy, and then to a friend and near the end I discover it's her sister. Maybe a little more emotion for Rosemary, the feeling I got from her while reading, was more like irritance than frustration, I don't know what exactly you were aiming for, but that's what I came out with. I hope that helps some :)
Good job!
Truly impressive dialogue that flowed real easy. You related the picture very well, especially with the squirrel. I am relieved at the hope provided at the end. Thank you.
Good character development. Just left a friend dealing with the SAME this hit me especially hard. A good reminder that we parents are automatically teachers, and also that sometimes life's lessons have to kick in to reinforce what we teach. I like it!! :-)
Good title - sometimes you HAVE TO do stuff whether you like it or not, eh? Good take on the topic too. Well done.