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Very nice. I like the way you gave The Teacher an opportunity to spread the Word.
Scary and atmospheric. I like this.
This was an intensely written story, holding my attention throughout. The ending was an excellent way to conclude this piece. Nicely done.! What a gripper! My take-away is this line:

"The Holy Spirit began to give me words to say."

This is our confidence - even in the most dismal of circumstances.

Loved the memorization part - how amazing.
I must say that I really cannot think of improvements. It was gripping. It was done without an excess of words or dialogue. Nothing intruded on the mood. It was dark, it was moody, but it gave a clear message. The only thing I could echo is that I, too, think that the title could be more dramatic. Perhaps more of a hook in the beginning sentence... See? I'm TRYING to give you room to improve, but it's very difficult with such an excellent piece. Sorry I wasn't able, but when you excel. Congratulations on a well written, suspenseful story!
Wow! Very riveting - fast paced and emotion packed! Made me feel so badly that I haven't tried hard enough to memorize scripture! Good writing!
I am so glad this had a 'happy' ending-I don't think I could have handled a sad one! This was a short and very clear message, to hide The Word in our hearts. Great job with this! Loved it!
Wow! Now I understand why your in level 4. Well written, thought provoking and made me get my Scriptures out today. Thanks for the inspiration, well done!
All I can add is that I still have goose bumps all over, and a new reason to memorize scripture. I've never been good at that, "knowing" that my Bible was always there to read again. Thank you so much for writing this. Powerful.
I also have nothing but praise for you on this one. So very gripping and engaging and convicting. I was moved and totally enraptured with this story. Marvelous!
Whoa, intense piece. And it really makes you think. Great job.
Well done. This was dramatic and engaging with realistic dialogue and characters. yeggy
Powerful entry of making the sacrifice of standing up for what's right. Great writing skills!