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Having worked for a few years in high schools (secular and Christian), I can TOTALLY identify with this piece. The 'Alicia' teachers stand out so much - the kids and other staff recognize their value. This is a beautiful tribute to the truly committed teachers in our schools. Thank you. (He he he ... I say 'thank you' like I'm one of the committed ones - but I left the system for adult education - so much easier - and yet so less effective character formation - it has its own areas of contribution though.)
Having raised four sons and half a dozen of their friends:-) I appreciate this story immensely. Boys need strong mentors to make it in the world. This teacher was a guiding light. I felt her emotions of both vexation and joy. This story is too real not to be true. Bless you dear teacher!
Great story - super job with the dialogue and description, especially in the last couple paragraphs.
I teach high school, and you really nailed this...

Is it just me, or did you switch from 3rd to 1st person in the middle?

I really like the two main characters you created here, and their tender spirits.
Great story. I especially liked the dialogue between Alice and the principal. It was obvious they understood each other.
Cute title, and a great story. I wish there could have been a little more at the end to show what else happened after she learned why some of the students were acting up, but otherwise, great job!
Yes - you nailed the essence of a teacher. (missionaries in my eyes)

Such a variety of complexities to deal with everyday, they are the true champions.

You conveyed the struggle of our incertainties at times about where we are supposed to be, and how God works it out. Good flow and good work.
I enjoyed seeing the change that occurred in Alicias heart: Her reward: a growing love for the troubled and troublesome kids The story has a good message and is an encouragement for other teachers who continue to deal with many of the same challenges.
Never give up. You told this in a unique way, and let us get a glimpse into this teacher's emotions. Well done.
An inspiring story about a true teacher. I'm sure you've already spotted the couple of typos in it. I liked the title too.
This line hit me:

" have to earn their respect."

I have a teacher-friend who contends that you can teach a child anything if he/she knows you care about him/her as an individual FIRST - before presenting the academic material. No small goal!

I liked her example of "sacrifice" which meant spending time w/ the kids and "fewer lunchtimes in the staff room with her pears, fortifying herself with coffee and empty carbohydrates."

You really brought Alicia to life for me, I could feel her frustration, and then her satisfaction. I enjoyed this story. Thank you for writing it.
Excellent job of introducing me to this teacher and getting me to care about her in such a short amount of time. Very good. God bless.
Coming from a family of teachers, I know how true-to-life this teacher's frustration can be. You did a great job putting us in her shoes with this story.