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Beautiful - loved your title. That says it all, doesn't it?
Amen. Such is the heartcry of children's workers everywhere. Be encouraged, the call on your heart is not unique - there are more of us out there who hear it than you can ever imagine. Together we are shaping the future of our nation, and of our world. With God's help, there may even be a future to be shaped.

God bless,

This is so raw, and so true to life. You are obviously a keen observer of your wife, or you never could have "pegged it" like this. I felt like I was right there with her! Your ending is perfect!
This is awesome, and I just have to mention the title--one of the best ever. Written with a keen hand, I love it.
A wonderful story. An insightful glimpse into the challenges many of our teachers face every day. I love the phrase: every life has potential, every potential holds me captive. Well done.
Well done, Glenn. A hard ask but you did it well. Have stood in your wife's shoes and know the feeling exactly.
Yes, this is where a sixth grade teacher "lives." It hit me as I read this that, not only are they asked to mine for gold, but they are asked to create gold where it didn't exist before. That's it! Teachers are put into a room and asked to spin straw into gold.....daily! They are asked to make miracles happen and we all know who is in charge of that. Too bad He's no longer allowed in, isn't it? Somehow you have perfectly captured the fear and frustration of a teacher tackling new material. You must have had divine intervention!
I feel exposed! Those are my thoughts and my feelings written up there - written much better than I could ever express them.
I have no idea what it's like to stand before a classroom, but my gut tells me this is it. This is just awesome.
Awesome, transparent, engaging...not to mention thought-provoking! Written with an authentic flair to bring us all into this teacher's heart.
Loved this! Held my attention all the way through, good job!