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A very unusual story. Can't wait to see what mind came up with this.
Very creative, haha! Thought-provoking, too. Good job.
Interesting story! I'll pick on your dates, though. It sounded like the stories of the penguin started in 1985, but then the pastor finally had a chance to see him for himself - in January of 1985. I'd spread the dates out a bit in order to build mroe suspense. Other than that, this was very creative. Good job.
Wow! This story is certainly out of the box. It kept me reading from start to finish. Great writing!
Unique but well-told. It certainly held my interest. Thanks so much for sharing this
*grins stupidly* If I ever became a professional missionary, I think I'd wanna be like the penguin...just cause that's how quirky my humor is.

I loved this! I was intrigued enough about the identity of the penguin missionary to continue through to the end.

A few typos here and there, but what inspiration!

And, by the way, I loved your avatar advertisement! Cute! I chuckle every time I see it!
Oh my! This was fun. I understand the "serious" message, but I chuckled at your creativity. Penguins by their very nature are a hoot. I see a typo or two, but what a fun, fun read anyhoo. Thanks!
I totally loved this! It was hilarious and very encouraging. I wish it could have been expanded a tad more, it seemd a little awkward in some places, but it was very good reading! Excellent job!
Your imagination is awesome! I love the story -- a little tweaking and it's perfect! But where on earth did you come up with this idea? Totally awesome! Wow!
So, you're just going to leave us dangling, wondering about the identity of "The Penguin Missionary?" No fair! There's more to this story and I want to get to the bottom of it! Thanks for a fun (but "incomplete") mystery story. Chapter two, please?
Unusual and creative, thanks for posting.
This was great. I really want to know who the Penguin Missionary is.
Don't get too comfortable, the Lord might have something more for you to do:-) Reminds me of the saying, "Bloom where your planted." I know, random thoughts, but the very first things that popped into my mind after reading your story. You continually amaze me as a writer. Gotta love that penguin!
Man! This would make a great movie! Wish I was a producer! Loved this. Def on of my favs and I'm also glad to give you a DAVEY for it. I also want in my Anthology so I can share it with others. Well done!
The alternative church evicted from its buildings forced into being by God's missionary penguin. A prohetic message.
The point being....? Ah, yes, creative, unique, Sci-Fi-ish...and a "slip" up on letting the bottle slip; otherwise, I'm still pondering what's the meaning of "liberty", and also What's in Australia aside from cute little bears and 'Roos. Now, can I get a Penguin Award? PS: It's Very, very intriguing, Sir...Honest!
I glad I drug myself away from your avatar to read about the penguin missinary. Now I know what the fuss is all about. I don't know about "unusual" but VERY intriguing. Can't wait for the sequel in Australia!!
(PS to MariLyn - "Liberty" is the town where the PM next appeared to Carlos)
This was incredibly quirky and outside the box...and I loved it! :)