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We always joke about how nice it would be if God were to call us to do "beach evangelism" - it's a dirty job, but someone has to do it! (And blessings on those who actually do it.) I love the "tongue-in-cheek" here. Good job.
Your article brought laughter to my soul. I was on a vaction-oops! I mean a mission with you! Great poem.
I think I can guess who wrote this! ;-) Hehe, great poem!
A delightful poem! I got the message, disguised ever so cleverly.
Still laughing. This was great, a unique take.

Thanks, and God bless,

A good laugh and parody of a serious process. Thanks for posting.
Oh, for heaven's sake! This is so much fun,I just can't stand it!! Great job! I'm sure many Pastors are now trying to present this to their Board of Elders. I love Christian humor, so this was right up my alley. Thank you!
Awesome, Ken!!! And if by some miniscule chance this isn't Ken, well then, you've learned a lot from the master!!!!
Awesome, Kenn! ;) Loved it!
Too clever!! I did NOT guess this was you when I read it, but now that I know, I am NOT surprised. I definitely chuckled from beginning to end - and thought deeply! Wonderful - thanks for blessing us again - and congrats!
It was fun to read your light-hearted take on the subject. Congratulations!
Loved it, Kenn!
It's so realistic and a pleasure to read!
This was a delight to read! I started grinning half-way through, and laughed when the elder's jaws dropped. Loved it right through to the end. What a poor, clueless, soul. You have a rare talent.
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