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I pray that this message will find its way into as many publications and be broadcast through as many means of communication as is possible. Absolutely wonderful and absolutely true. Blessings on you.
I have had a fear of sharing my faith in a bold way over the years. I wrote a letter to an old friend about Jesus and you have inspired me to finally mail it today. These words are God-inspired. May He bless you for writing this article. It is meant to me read by a luke warm church!
A very anointed and effective message. I hope it finds an audience beyond FWs, whether in essay form, or communicated from your heart. God bless.
Congratulations seems way too lame a comment on something this powerful.

It is so clearly written from your heart, Linda. May it be used powerfully to change the hearts of others.

Congratulations, Linda! A great reminder. Your message was strong and yet was told in a way that was palatable. Great job.
COngratulations Linds. A powerful message well put across.
Exceptional, Linda!
I have to tell you that you definitely made me think about writing in my bible in a completely new way - I've always shied away from doing it (was raised Jewish and Jews hold the book itself in VERY high regard) - but now I think you have motivated me to look at "scribbling" in a whole new way! Thank you!
A wonderful commentary on a difficult subject. Great job. Congratulations!
Jesus' final words to us before He ascends back to heaven, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." Why would we ignore Him? Thank you for this reminder as I go out to my little corner of the world - the grocery store, the library, the gas station. I'm encouraged! May God bless you, Linda.
Powerfully written & straight from the heart! Congratulations, Linda, on a well-deserved win!