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Oh, I love this one way conversation! It was so real that I wanted to find Sheila and tell her what a wonderful missionary she really is. Great job.
Oh, this is great. I can here her talking like she's right here in the room with me. If only she knew she had "the gift" too.
Cute! I love it, I could almost see her chattering away.
I felt like I was reading this under steel magnolias. Beautiful work. I like a story that doesn't make you feel like you were beat over the head. Great job. God bless.
Simply awesome. I too giggled abit. You have a way with words.
I love this out-of-the-box entry! Great use of dialogue to tell the entire story. I could picture this character chewing a piece of gum and telling me EVERYTHING! Excellent writing!! Loved it!
Excellent! I love the way you made your readers fill in the other half of the dialog--highly original and effective. So few words, and I feel as if I know this delightful woman.
The title drew me in and I wasn't disappointed. This was a wonderful story of a wonderful missionary. Excellent!
I love it, I love it, I love it! I can totally picture this character, and her unspecified actions. What a great use of dialogue! And a brilliantly subtle message, too. Great job, dear friend!
Well done. Thank you for posting.
This was so much fun. I loved the light hearted feel, and the conversation was well done.
Sweet! This was a great read, the tone was light which made for easy reading and the story was quite enjoyable. Sheila McGuire is an excellent missionary :)
This was SO fun, Amy! I just adored Sheila's voice - and your unique approach! Definitely a favorite of mine.
Ha Ha ...well done, Amy! I've sat next to people like that, and it keeps up for the whole trip!