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Oh yes! This brought tears to my eyes as well. Absolutely beautiful. Blessings on you.
Every word, every stroke of your pen - every agony of your heart - is held, in the Palm of His Hand. May the warmth of His Love carry you as He guides each step and directs your path. Love,
A powerful story indeed...guaranteed to soften the hardest of hearts. My heart, to has been broken for little ones the world over...I'm thinking specifically of two little girls in an orphanage in Cidad Juarez - Dane, and Jenesis. It is a powerful thing, to hear the cries of children around the world - and more powerful still to be able to do something about it.
Thanks for going, and thanks for sharing.

God bless,

I can guess who wrote this and it's all the more powerful for knowing the story behind it.
I just sat silently for minutes after reading this. I could never even attempt to write on such a subject. The honesty would be too heavy, too suffocating. But, I am encouraged, at some point, in God's timing, its possible. Thank you for the encouragment. This is very well written, but I know you didn't put this to word to hear that. God bless.
You told this personal story in a magnificent way. I'm glad God was able to bring something beautiful out of your grief and to give you strength to answer His call.
Utterly, breath-takingly, heart-breakingly, beautifully stunning. Words fail me...this is just the most real thing I have ever read, and the most full of Grace.
Oh, wow. This is so incredibly lovely. This touched my heart in ways that are too profound to express. Thanks so much for sharing this... and for having the courage to write it. May the Lord bless you.
To understand the far-reaching purpose of such a profound loss is one thing. To accept that purpose in lieu of the life lost would require such a heart-breaking journey that I can't even imagine it. I am so blessed by your courage to bare your soul here, my dear friend. And I pray that the rewards you reap from obeying His call will comfort even the part of your heart that still agonizes over Daniel's death.
I felt your spirit touch mine through your words, as I have many times through the months. May God bless you and may he hold you, when your heart aches. Your ministry has truly touched me deeply. I pray for those children too, taking them into our home and our hearts. Love, Lorikeet:-)
Magnificent, dear friend. Just magnificent.
Karen, That was powerful. I loved the way you didn't just tell it in plain story form. I loved picturing you sitting on the Saviour's lap. Superb writing from a broken heart - God's greatest tool. Amazing.
Heart-rending, and skillfully worded. Your recognition is well-deserved.
Powerful poem, Karen!