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This was cute. It was a nice memory. I had a little trouble following it here and there. Overall, an easy read with all the action.
Interesting story with some good details about mission life in Columbia. Can I assume the "I" in the story was this "Irma"?. The story seemed a little disjointed, but then that could be symbolic of the life in Columbia. I don't imagine mission life in that environment is very calm. God bless.
Hehehe, great story! My missionary grandfather had a few of those times when the he said something he didn't mean to in the second language. I also found this a bit hard to follow near the beginning, but then things got more clear and I followed it fine.
This was an interesting story and it was well told. I enjoyed this account of life in a different area. Thanks for sharing this.
Very fun story! And my assumption that you're actually "Irma" made it even more fun to read. :-)
My dear missionary friend - you were the first faithwriter that came to mind when this WC topic was announced. I knew you would have a great true-to-life story out of your direct experience to tell us. Your writing made me feel as if I went right along with you in this adventure!