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This has a strong message. The imagery is very vivid, but the story seems rushed.

Good for you for taking on a less than pleasant subject.
Nicely written & great message!
Love the description and compassion that the officer has (once he has seen the light.) I felt like I was watching Animal Planet's Animal Cops.
A well-written story and it really touched my heart. How sad that things like this happen to animals that we are meant to protect and care for. Thanks for sharing this story.
Yikes! Gripping, well-written, highly original, and certainly food for thought.
Nice job Terri. (I hope this is Terri's story, I'm not good at the hint thing yet). Your story flowed like a game of dominos. Once the first line went down, the rest of it all followed. Good job, nice writting. Enjoyed the ending. God bless.
I like this. I liked his emphasis on humans and yet I liked his instant compassion for God's creatures once he saw the need for himself. Good work.
What an original take on the topic, although a hard read. I would hope he would have gone for ANY animal that was being abused in such a way.

Provocked strong feelings in me - the mark of a great writer! :) Can't say I liked it which doesn't mean a hill of beans. You did a great job on this.

As a *huge* animal lover, this was tough to read. But that's what makes a good story, one that provokes feelings. Very well done!
This is a compliment-what a sad story! There are very few stories that can draw me in so deeply. I am a born horse lover and this really hit home. Great job-glad the Sheriff finally came around.
I would like to add my agreement to all of the above.
Tough read because it's a tough subject, but great when you know someone that can do something about it.
Well done and well written.
Nicely written. Dialogue was excellent, message was clear. Well done!
Great story! It was a little 'convenient' for the horse to be in the road on the policeman's way home, but, hey, we only have 750 words! :o) Good writing and a satisfying read! Blessings!
Enjoyed this one. Contrasting the bottom-line character of the two men is really lingered with me and made me think about truth vs. deception.

Of course I felt sorry for the horse and his compatriots back at the barn...glad to know rescue is on the way. :-)