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What a unique take on the topic. You'll surely get some extra points for creativity with this one. Lovely descriptions and a cute story.
Okay - so maybe I can guess who this is - but regardless - this is a most creative take on the topic.

And great writing too! Very well done! And I loved it - except for the baby duck dying.
I agree...this is very creative! It also points out that there are laws and enforcers in nature, too! Your descriptions are vivid.
Different take alright. I liked it, though it was hard for me to read.
I love nature stories! This is well written and an enjoyable read. That daddy was policing his home, good daddy! You made this very real, as if I could see the whole thing happening. Great job!
Extremely creative and very well written. I could see the scene vividly in my mind. Thank you so much for sharing this well-written piece!
200 bonus points for creativity!
Nice job Beth. U Put a smile on my face. Nice to read a different take on the topic. Very well written. God bless.
I liked your allusions to 'code two', 'code three' etc. I wonder if it might flow a little better to make the whole thing from the point of view of the daddy swan. Just an idea.
Loved this! This was a wonderful story, especially showing the devotion of the daddy swan to his 'duty'. Good job!
Clever and creative (but, of course, you've heard that already - many times! :-)) Superb writing, unique, "out of the box" take on the topic. Nice work!