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OOOOOOH! What a great twist!
Very well written, truly master's quality stuff.
I had to go back and reread! This was great! I had a "huh?" moment the first time you mentioned the choir but definitely got it at the end. Creative piece. Well done!
A great take on the topic. I liked how you developed your story and the twist at the end. The italicized portion was exceptionally well done. Finally, the detail of the golden nugget was a "brilliant" way to end this wonderful story. Very nice work!
Awesome! Knew where you were going from "gated community" and "choir," but it didn't take away from the twist one bit. Enjoyed every word, as always.
Whoa! Awesome! I took me about 20 seconds to figure out the ending and everything. I actually had to read a couple of the comments before I realized that you were referring to Heaven. (I have been accused of being dense before. ;)
Masterful descriptions. I felt as though I was riding on the officer's shoulder during his walk. Great job!
If I hadn't read all the comments first, I probably would have been one of 'those' who didn't catch on so quickly.

What an awesome story! I loved it! This has got to be perfect.

Great stuff Jan! :)
I loved this, although I have to admit I'm dense as well. Took me a minute or two to figure it out, but it held my attention from the beginning. It's very entertaining and well written.
Wonderful and unique take on the topic! I guessed the 'whereabouts' when he was talking to the former little girl. Very entertaining and great writing!
Wow...that's all I can say. I didn't even realize the ending was coming until it hit me. Then I had to re-read it to make sure I didn't miss anything important.

I'm one of those that didn't get the 'aha' moment until the shiny stone flew in the air... and then what a great 'aha'! Loved it.
Brilliant last paragraph, Jan! Loved the whole thing.
A brilliant story!!!!! Once I got the ending, I re-read this masterpiece with that knowledge and was blown away. Superb. God bless.
Wowee! I hardly know what to say except that I think I just read the "winner". Incredible writing, Jan, with such creativity. I'm reading and taking note as a student would to the work they aspire to write. Very well done.
Excellent story writing. It left me satisfied, yet wanting more. I loved it!
WOW - ! Incredible! The first reference to the choir made me scratch my head, but then as I kept going I figured out what you were up to. Glad you cinched it at the end w/ the nugget from the streets of gold! Exceptional writing, I'd say. :-)
CONGRATULATIONS on your win! This is incredibly masterful! I haven't done a lot of reading this week, but I'm glad I took the time to read this! You inspire me with your realistic voice and creativity. Incredible! Your win is well-deserved! God bless! :)
What a fantastic entry, Jan. Many congratulations.
Sucked me right in, Jan, until he met the teenager and then the pennies began to drop. Well done. An enjoyable read with authentic voices. Yeggy
I also didn't "get it" till the end - but it was WONDERFUL all the way through - and even better when I got it!! Congrats on your win too, Jan! Loved it!
Jan, I just had to comment, even though this is months after the writing. This is awesome! I clued in very gradually to where the story was headed, but LOVED the nugget throwing! A very beautifully sculpted story.