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This was really well written! It is so sad to think that people are suffering for no reason other than their gender. Thanks for the story.
This took me back to our mission's women's hospital in Pakistan - a ministry which grew out of this same terrible gender bias. I stumbled over the use of "subsided" - a minor detail, but somehow it didn't seem to be the right word to me. However this was a great job.
Wow! I was quite riveted by the story and angered by the injustice. Well done!
Excellent depiction of a horrid situation. The only problem I had, if you can call it that, was that the woman was backhanded though she still wore her head covering and she saw her daughter's skin had a bluish tint though she too was covered. However, this did little to take away from this disturbingly true depiction.
Wow. Very powerful, gut-wrentching story. Thank you for the prayer reminder. Seeing the blue skin through the covering made me stumble, too, but I wouldn't be surprised to see this entry in the winner's circle.
SO powerful and moving and amazingly masterful - I think I have a guess who wrote this - and if I'm right, I must say this is ANOTHER of my favorites of yours! I was engrossed and engaged from beginning to end! I'm putting this in my favorites!
A very sad story. Told very well. Its a shame the law enforcement there is set up to enforce such ungodly laws.
What a gripping tale of oppression, and a clear reminder not to take freedom for granted! Your writing is superb.
I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for the "insider's" perspective. Something we so take for granted, freedom to walk with our heads held high, without fear of being arrested or charged. It was good to be reminded of how we are blessed and out of that blessing to pray, pray, pray
Heartbreaking, and painfully well-written. I'm moved almost beyond words. Thank you for writing this.
We hear in the news all the time about the Taliban and the religious police - but your story has brought it down to 'REAL' people who suffer 'REAL' descrimination and suffer. Thanks for opening our eyes.
Helen, I love everything about this entry. It is a devastating story and incredibly written. Absolutely wonderful.
Yes, I noticed the skin colour problem after I sumbitted. Perhaps her hands were blue?!
Thanks to everyone for the encouraging comments.
Gripping, terrible, haunting, compelling, many adjectives! Excellent flow and dialogue.
How much we take western laws for granted. Thanks for taking the time to give us such a well drawn and compassionate glimpse into what life is like for those who live in less enlightened places.
hey helen, haven't been here for a while, but wanted to send my congrats! Way to go!