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Bravo! Great characterization and dialog. Love the idea that many people are "fire fighters" of the holy spirit. This entry will be an eye-opener for many. It's message will aid in the realization that we all drown Him out too often. Blessings, Jo
I liked the story, liked the concept, liked much of the dialogue, but in places it just felt a bit unrealistic. May be just cynical British me, though!
Great story! It did seem that it was a bit unrealistic to get arrested for raising one's hands in church, and for the MC to change so quickly, but otherwise good job!
I don't often come upstairs to the Masters; but I was looking for you - and Wow, what a gem! Great story, good message and super dialogue! I can now go back downstairs enlightened, blessed and content. The visit was enjoyable and I have a new insight, a new outlook and a new understanding. Thanks, friend!
Too much story, too little space - badly in need of development; but, very well written and beautifully handled dialogue.
You'd BETTER expand this, William! I agree with Dave - too much story, too little space - but I LOVED what was here (your light humor was JUST the right touch!) and REALLY want to see the rest!!!
You have the most endearing stories up your sleeve, SirWilliam. And, I love the characters you show us, once again, in this story. It's always a joy to read what you write.

Thank you, as well, for your comment on my "missionary" story. God bless you.