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So sad....... You've allowed us to enter into the mind of this fire-fighter through your descriptions - well done. I like the way you kept revealing a bit more of the story and the main character each paragraph.
This beautifully written story reminds me of the powerful impact each of us has on the lives of others. Thanks for reminding me of that in a touching way!
What a simple, honest look at the heart-change that can, and so often is, brought about by children. Philip will always know that - through his pain - he brought strength to one in need.

Thanks so much, and God bless,

Wow! What a creative and well written story. Well done!
I remember hearing the story this is based loosely one. I love it! It would have been even better if we could have been "shown" the past part of the MC's bitterness, etc, rather tha just hearing about it, but I know the word count probably doesn't allow for that. Touching story.
Well done and well written. Carried me all the way through and I enjoyed it very much!
A sad, but dear, sweet, loving story that brought this Reader to tears. A masterful storyteller by a Masterful writer.
So compelling and engaging and heart-wrenching. You tell this tale with grace and feeling. Great read!