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And I thought that snail climbing up the BBQ cover was so CUTE! Yikes! Love it, love it, love it. You are a master (or mistress) or your craft!
As a gardener, I was in there rooting for the demise of the wretched creatures. As a budding writer, all I could sau is "Bravo"!
I could see the whole event like a cartoon! Spindly men on snails! Swooping locusts! What a battle and a timely reminder to be prepared. (Technically it bothers me though that all but the couplet in the last stanza rhyme.)
A delightful poem! Great Rhyme, along with a story that made perfect sense...just deliciously delightful! Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! Thank you. Super job!
If you aren't a "Master" then I don't know who is! My goodness! This is so wonderfully creative, perfectly constructed, and a most enjoyable read! Wow! Wow! Wow! :)
Wow! Beautiful job on the topic. Whoever thought that spiritual warfare could have rhyme and rhythm. :o) Loved it!
I caught the parallels to "the Raven" in the first paragraph, and admired the way you kept to its pattern and theme throughout! Excellent! I really enjoyed it.
Such imagery - it will stick with me for a LONG time! Just love your stuff. Very effective in getting across its point and being beautiful at the same time. :D
You're back, and with another awesome entry! Dust off a spot on the mantel. (I may be one of your biggest fans.)
EXTRA-ORDINARY! No words to describe's just awesome. I was hooked for sure when I got to: "They sucked away the baby's breath,
And tore the roots from mums,
They pulled the foxgloves to the ground,
And sliced off all their thumbs." Just fabulous stuff. :-)
Now I have to reread Joel to find out what inspired this! I love it, and I'm sure even my kindergarteners would enjoy it, too. It's that good!:-)
Purely delightful read! Amazing creativity!
Quite a spooky poem – it brought out the hairs on the back of my neck! This lends itself to illustrations! Of course the message is wonderful –as is the poem itself.
Congratulations Ken.
Wow Kenn! What-a-read! Great messasge/story/poem/talent ... and all the etc.'s! ;)
Nicely done, Kenn. A great read and worthy of your first place win. Much congratulations.
Oh my goodenss, if I can ever write poetry like you...I will feel sooooo blessed! Do you take on students??!!
From the heart of this poet, thank you! This is a truly incredible piece and a Glory to God!
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