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What a great ending...and I thought I knew where this was going.
Thanks for sharing, and God bless,

Oh, this is utterly delightful! One of the best endings that I've ever read, and just a witty voice!
LOL - heard similar stories before but you wrapped it up in a very engaging package! :-) yeggy
Very entertaining. Good job!
I'm busting a gut laughing, and now I'm expecting people from down the hallway to come and see what is wrong!

Thank you, I needed the laugh.
I was wondering HOW you were going to explain...And Then This!? Great ending.
Wow! Well done, this story grabs you and takes you to such a surprise ending. Hilarious! I loved it.
Adorable. What a clincher ending - too funny! Great job. :) Jo
Pretty hilarious! We all knew you were leading up to some sort of punch line - pretty smooooooth!

Oh, a small thing but I'll mention it. In the first paragraph there's a comma that threw me: "Brown eyes popped open in shock, and surprise..." I don't think you need the comma after "shock."

Clever....although I betcha there weren't headaches in the Garden. :-)

Very witty! I was enjoying that the idea of hugging and kissing needing to be explained! I think I feel a little let down by the end but it was a good joke.
What an ending!!! This was so wonderfully told - and then to spring that ending on us??? I don't know what to say - other than it was certainly a surprise and a good laugh! Not sure if I liked it or not, but it certainly was NOT what I was expecting!

Just got around to reading this one - I'm still chuckling. Great wit throughout. Loved it!
I loved how you described Adam waking up and seeing Eve for the first time and how amazed he was at the partner God gave him. I had never thought about God having to explain how to hug and kiss. It makes me wonder if He really did... I also liked immensely that the story was so intense and filled with the wonder of the first relationship ever and then you gave it that humorous twist at the end! I'll look forward to more from you!
Hilarious! I had to read it to my husband because he caught me laughing and had to know what for. I hoped to get through it without tumbling on the floor laughing, and I did.

Simply hilarious!