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Wow! This is a very powerful piece. I love the idea of Jesus as gardener of our hearts, taking that which is barren and giving it life and nurturing and protecting that life.
Outstanding!! Deeply emotional! He is so mindful that we are but dust. There were so many favorite lines, so many things I could relate to in this intense conversaton. I have to pick at least one or I won't be doing justice to the renderings of your heart.

You ask me to rise? To speak face-to-face?

Oh Lordmy God

I am not able. I must remain here here in the dirt.

But no, You reach out and pull me, pull me until my smeared and blackened face stands before You.

Praise and honor to the "Lover" of our souls regardless of condition and for His willingness to meet us where we are. Outstanding!!!!
I just LOVE this - so atmospheric and deep and convicting and wonderful. A wonderful voice, masterfully shared!
Beautifully and intricately crafted. This piece is a work of art. It truly touched my soul.
Very heartfelt and powerfully written. "Your heart is My garden-a place for fruit to grow." Nicely done.
I loved this whole piece, and especially this line: You shaped me from this stuff; I am joined to it by tiny elements of Your making.

Check spelling of "lasers".

This is so intensely heartfelt and personal, I felt as if I'd been allowed to witness an actual encounter with our Lord. Gorgeous.
Beautiful. Powerful. Thank you for not only letting us see this encounter with God, but bringing us to one of our own.
I felt the humility of your character and was reminded of my own feeble form I think that you have reminded me to tremble in His presence!
I loved the sincerity of this piece. My favorite lines were: "Take me Lordtake my hands in Yourstake the essence, the core of who I am, the seat of my uniqueness as a person, the identity you gave me at the moment of conception. Take my heart as a sacrifice, the most I can offer. You do it - because I cannot."
Intense, sincere, honest and very well written. God bless.