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Your story was folksy,friendly, believable, and felt like a chat over the backyard fence.
Thanks for the encouragment (see, you do have a gift even if it isn't gardening!) I needed a good word this afternoon. Just a note - I think it's "gung-ho" but didn't stop to look it up. Never mind, it didn't effect the great message. Good job.
A very visual story which gave a clear sense of place and the writer's character. A good reminder to not try to be what we aren't! yeggy
Love the conversational tone of this - and a wonderful lesson for all of us - especially me at the present!! Kept me interested from beginning to end!
I enjoyed your story and your transparency. Especially liked the line, "Id much rather dig in a thesaurus than dig in dirt."

Me, too. Except that I love plants and I'm good with them. But not as much as I love writing!

God bless you in your choice!
Gardening is not my cup of tea (one of my favorite sayings, by the way) so I understand. Nice job on the subject however, the word "gung-ho" needs a "g"...which incidentally WAS my cup of tea (ex Marine Corps). Well done.
Nice lead - caught my attention right away.

I liked this part b/c of its honesty: "But just as the bugs invaded my garden, the writing bug bit me. I admit itId much rather dig in a thesaurus than dig in dirt. Yet, lately, I was in a writing slump, tempted to put my writing on the shelf (next to my garden tools)."

I also noticed the "gung-ho" typo...

A realistic story and easy to identify with!

A lively and enjoyable read with a good message. I assume you meant "stunning" perennials instead of "stunting." This story really did feel as Frances described like a "chat over the backyard fence." Keep writing and encouraging!
Ooh, I think we're twins...I could really relate to this piece! Like the idea of the rock garden at the end. Nice, friendly, relaxed voice.
Very nice! And you echo many here in their desire to please the Lord by using the gift He has given us. Thanks for sharing this!
I like the chatty style of this story. Good job!
I like your slant on the topic. I wondered how the non-gardeners might approach the subject, and I like how you addressed the issue head-on with "not my cup of tea". Great job!
I could really connect with this one! I too have coveted a gardeners skill, but have to confess that it really isnt there. I too need to simply enjoy the gifts I do have! I am not sure that the really big spaces between such short paragraphs was helpful to me as the reader.