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I enjoyed your "word pictures" and the entry was so interesting that I forgot I was on a faith writers site and was totally open to the lesson.
A wonderful lesson, indeed. Thanks for sharing your pain!
Funny how often writers, speakers and teachers almost stand back from an experience, observe it, thinking of how they can relate it in the future! A great connection between the illustration and the point of the devotional. yeggy
What amazing description you used - I loved the war analogy for the disease fighting, and you portrayed it exceptionally! What a wonderfully crafted piece, with an excellent lesson well taught.
A clear voice, excellent descriptive work and a neat lesson. God bless xx
Not only a nicely told story, but an added bit of education on certain caterpillars. Thanks for sharing.
Very interesting! Great story-telling of the incident, but also quite a powerful punch (lesson) at the end. Enjoyable, educational, and inspiring...good job!
Very interesting story, well told! Scary caterpillars!
Great story, which I was glad to see had a happy ending!
Excellent story. I enjoyed the comparison of the poison versus the bodys antibodies as a battle with troops and citadels. That was very effective. I also enjoyed your application.
This was extremely well told - I loved it and remembered the lesson for days afterwards. You ARE going to write that book, aren't you. That's not a question. How can you not?!