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And this has been your history lesson for the day. One that you will remember far longer than if it were told to you in the conventional method of the footnote. One that you will never forget as long as you live becaue of this writers amazing ability to . . . well . . . write!!!! I learn something from you every week!
Excellent. It reminds me that even the worse things that happen in life are not without Divine purpose. Thanks. Great job.
A great reminder of God's desire/ability to restore and redeem. Marvelous story-telling skills! Captivating, all the way through. I loved your last line.
Loved it! You really made history come alive, and with your usual masterful writing.
What did I love about this? EVERYTHING! But, if you would like me to be more specific, I loved the fact it was based on truth, the amazing description, the way you juxtaposed his memory so flawlessly into this story, and your amazing characterization. Wow!
Eloquent and very stirring. An excellent story. I am so glad I read this!
Great piece of writing. I'm reminded of David saying, "Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I keep your word." Amazing how our trials can be a journey to glory, not just for us but for those we are sent to.
You have told this man's story so strongly that I felt the need to read over again to try and capture the fullness of the times, the smells, the place that you have been able to evoke. As ever Helen, excellent and strong writing. God bless. xx