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Right on topic. And what inspiration we can find in creation. I love the point you brought out about perseverance.
Just beautiful.....

It was better than a painting - I was right there with you, on the banks, imagining the different seasons, thinking about where it goes - excellent.

The contrast with 'civilization' was exceptional, I thought.

You had some neat lessons to bring about along the way too.

Well done!
Again, I say wow!!! You use the most unusual descriptive language. I went back to pick out a phrase to quote and spent several minutes to no avail. I couldn't find a favorite. I loved them all. Really loved the one about a piece of marsh grass and a squirrel' tail. You painted a picture as vivid as any I have ever "Seen"

I bet you could make a travel guide absolutely riviting.

Fantastic Writing,:)Reflections
How absolutely lovely! Your description is SO wonderful and vivid at atmospheric. Loved the second to last paragraph too - what a contrast! This worked amazingly well!
Ooh, I have a favorite. No doubt! "Your example says to flow steadily, always in the same direction, always with a vision to reach your destination." Beth, your writing is so visual and your love for this river shines through. Must be a true story. Beautifully done.
A lovely and well-painted description. Very nicely done!
Awesome analogy comparing our lives that should go forward, to the flow of the river. Your love and desire to be near the water is evident in this piece. You make me want to be there too. Blessings. Jo :)
Perfect, perfect ending - "I'll be back". I too believe the river provides that place of solitude to reach into our inner being and feel His refreshing Spirit washing over our souls.
Masterful writing!