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Funny funny story. I loved the dialect which sounded very authentic to my (untutored) ear. What a visual image - I think I'll be chuckling over this one for a while.
You had me laughing from the first paragraph! Great job-hilarious reading....
I can picture the illustrations for the book you are about to publish! Great voice, great story.
I loved this! I often catch myself wondering how events lead one to another - but I've never looked at it quite like this.
I loved the dialogue, the names, the storie(s), the whole thing!

Thanks for sharing, and God bless,

Adorable! Dialogue was great, storyline was...hysterical. :-)

Sometimes you come away with a one-word summary and sometimes it's more complicated. Well, this was one of the simple ones. "Refreshing." :-)
This is cute. I grew up around people like this, and it's just like them.

Good work.
Just gorgeous!
Delightful! What an awesome beginning and such great humor throughout. The narrator's authentic voice and the character's names really brought this piece to life. Loved the ending: "Would you believe it--she's a redhead now!" Perfect!
What a hoot! I LOVE pieces that make me laugh out loud, which this one did - several times. I could hilariously picture every event you described unfolding like a chain reaction. Too funny! Loved it!
What a delightful, DELIGHTFUL story!! This made me laugh SO hard, my son thinks I'm crazy!! I love the dialect and the action of this - sooo much fun!
excellent job in capturing the the flavor of the setting, dialogue, etc!
Ain't it funny how one thing leads to another... so true about life! This was fun to read! ;)
I loved this. I can so see this happening in my 'neck of the woods'...Great voice, great story!
This was great! I laughed out loud a few times in this story. Loved the dialect! I could hear the late Jim Varney reading this in my head. Thanks for bringing joy with your writing!
Jan, your writing inspires me. This story is another in a long list of great stories from one of our best writers. I loved this entry. I liked that the river played a back up role in piece, weaving its way through the story, just like it does through our coountrysides and lives. Excellent job keeping on topic without hitting us over the head with it. God bless.
Amen to all the above. Refreshing and delightful all the way. Still laughing, seeing some of my Kentucky kin would do this story proud. Your amaze me with your creativity. Blessings
What a treat to read! Another example of effortless, entertaining writing! :)
LOL. Effortless, indeed! I can just picture this story flowing out of your creative imagination like a... river. I'd love to see this on the screen - like a Rowan Atkins (is that his name?) comedy skit. Too funny!
This cleverly written piece was my best laugh for the day!
What a fun story! Excellent writing. I loved all of the expressions you used!
Such a fun read! Thanks.
Nice one. It flows jest like a durn' ole river!
One fine touch was the fact that I assumed the party in the intro was Pauline's baptism celebration, and it's a mark of how involved I got with the train of events that I completely forgot about the opening party until the end when it turned out to be a wedding party!
But it is a serious comment on God's mysterious ways and reminds us that there is no way we can ever know what the tiniest action of ours will result in. Whenever the unexpected happens to me, I mutter to myself 'Maybe there would have been worse consequences if this hadn't happened. Maybe this is the best way it could have happened IN THE LONG RUN.' And that is the essence of faith, believing that God has worked out the best set of consequences for all, given the natural laws which He Himself established.
So thanks for making that deep theological point in such an entertaining way.
You were brave to put on an accent. Some might say that it's not consistently present in every word spoken, in every expression, but I would say that doesn't matter. In such a piece, it's a flavour we're given, an atmosphere of a time and place, and once you've placed us there and set it rolling, we hear the voice speaking appropriately throughout.
A really very good article, but I imagine you have some stiff competition in this Level! If I were a judge you'd get a big score from me.
Love the humor, love the flow, just love it! Definitely one of my favorites this time.
Jan, Congrats on your win! I was a judge this week and adored this story.
CONGRATULATIONS! Wow! This is sooo funny! I love the progression and the back hills dialect is perfect!
Congratulations on your "First Place" win!

You never let us down, Jan! Your writing is always exceptional and perfect! You are one very talented lady with an awesome gift! "Wow!" is about all I can say!

God bless you as you continue to offer your gifts and talents to the Lord in such a way that reflects His excellency in all things! Very, very well done!
Five exclaimation points is the most I give.
Jan, no doubt this one is top of the heap! It has everything. Terrific characters, humorous (okay, laugh-out-loud) story, a delightful narrator's voice, all wrapped up around the river topic. This one has to go into my favorites!
Absolutely enjoyable experience. I am a serious reader, and not often do I laugh, but when Pauline came up out of the water--I lost it. Thanks!!
My favorite I've read on faithwriters so far. And I quote, "that's awesome" took it right to the end. Amen : ).
Hilarious. Loved the voice and the progression of the story.
Hi Jan - decided to read one of your articles. I chose the right one. I got into the story okay but it took a turn - suprise - without her wig - well I laughed from there on. You have a great imagination and wonderful accent to tell the story. Thank you so much and I can learn from your writing. I'm glad I stopped by to read and I agree with all the rest of the comments. Great work.
Delightful! I feel inspired to write characters that leap off of the screen like yours do.