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Hats off to a very unique way of expressing melody. If only we would stop to listen to what even the animals and all of creation are aware of. Many times when reading THE WORD I have heard Him sing to me. This is a precious story. Excellent Job!!
Dramatic ending! I loved that the secretary heard the music!!!

It's true, God's melody of love fills the Word...the Word made flesh...and those who abide in the Word.
When the challenge is over I want to ask you if I can use this in a study I am doing - on the same topic. A well constructed essay, although predictable, it was tight enough for this short piece.
This is wonderful!
I loved almost everything about this story. Your characters were well-written, your dialog crisp, your plot really skipped along. The only thing that bothered me a bit, and this is probably just me, is that the dog could hear the melody--but a dog can't have faith. (Now all the dog-folks are going to come at me...) Really, really good writing.
Very well done. Leaves a sort of eerie sense of wonder as to the stubborn set of Monsignor Thomas' perspective. I really enjoyed this story. Great imagination and masterful story telling!
I loved this - very clever and creative. Well written indeed.
He who has ears, let him hear... God speaks to us, if we've opened our hearts and are willing to listen... good writing and message.
Great use of the topic! Very original and interesting. I loved the line about the girl 'obviously being mentally ill'! lol (I did wonder why a street person would make an appointment though...)

I found a typo you might not have noticed: "he heard Rufus whining softly as his side." Should be "at his side". :)

I get why the dog could hear the music. Despite the line about faith, all of creation still knows the Creator. Loved the secretary hearing it too, made for a great ending.
The line in the first paragraph about the potato chip made me laugh! It was great to have a small bit of humor in a serious piece. I also love the point that we have to have a real relationship with the Lord in order to hear the music of His word. Beautiful!
Very cool - great characters, makes one stop and think :)
Masterful job!
I also enjoyed the line about the potato chip, and the added humor. I think there really was a miracle in this though, in that Thomas realized how much he had lost.
So, SO wonderful! I love this - from the humor to the dialogue to the description. I think this is one of my very favorites so far. :D
Wow - dead on topic and what an angle! Terrific emphasis on the ability to open our ears/hearts to truly "hear" God. Blessings. :)
Great story! A wonderfully creative take.
Wow! Powerful and moving. You did a good job avoiding stereotypes that would have stifled the impact of this. Good job!
Poor M. Thomas. Unfortunately, many don't hear the music. thanks for writing this thoughtful piece :)
I liked this a lot, very creative and very well done.
A challenging yet delightful read. I loved it that the person whose job it was to verify miracles was the very one who couldn't see them. Jesus face on a potato chip! lol. yeggy
Congratulations on your win, Terri. Well deserved, indeed.
Blessings on your pen.
I love the way the dog became such a dear part of the whole story - can picture him sighing, leaning his chin on the edge of his basket / mat / can picture it but don't quite know what to call it, then getting so excited about the walk and finally the music.

Beautiful writing.

Congratulations on your win, and thanks for your encouraging comment to me.