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Interesting history lesson! I love this song!
I love that song--the women used to do a complicated little counter-part that just tickled me. Haven't sung it in years and years. Thanks for reminding us all.
When I stepped into the family of God in 1981 this was one of the church's favorite hymns so, naturally, it is very close to my heart. Hard to sing this hymn and remain somber, especially when everyone moves into their "parts". What a joy for the author to know that God used his pen and creativity to bless and encourage so many of us. Thank you for your writing.
My kids are the ones who started school today but I learned something too (yeah!) The piece had a clear, journalistic tone to it. Thanks for sharing. Very well done!
Thanks for sharing. Our sermon on Sunday was on the verse in your opening quote... our 'melody of love' can truly be sung and received when we ARE moving in true faith..
Wow. Wasn't expecting this from you, but it was a great change of pace from the typical challenge entry. Thanks for sharing the history of one of my favorite songs from childhood. It was interesting to learn more about it and you definitely have a journalistic flair to go along with your wonderful sense of humor.
Enjoyed the history lesson here! This was very nicely written and informative - definitely kept my interest throughout!
One of my favorites :) and very cool to hear the story behind it -nicely done.
Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful history behind this song. That makes the song that much more meaningful. Good job!
I am so glad that you told this story. So many know this wonderful hymn, and have been inspired by its simple beauty. A very moving story!
Who am I to be telling a Masters writer what would do better: however, I thought the beginning was rather mundane, and could have used a lure, something to draw in the reader with a bit more intrigue...but that's just this reader's opinion. However, Nice story, and well written.