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how little we are, it seems, when we think of our mistreatments as excuses to not sing for Him
Wow. This was very powerful. If only everyone could have the faith and confidence of this young girl!
You've done a great job in taking the reader to a difficult spot...and emerging victoriously. The ending was especially powerful. Good job!
What can I say but, WOW! Wonderful writing!
Awesome writing, and an unforgettable character. Beautifully done.
Your writing gripped me from the beginning. I love the power of peace that comes from singing the truth of God's love for us. One of my summer reads was about Brother Yun and the persecuted, Chinese church. Your writing brought some of those true stories back to the forefront of my mind again. Very moving piece, very well written. Thank you for the message of power you wove through it all.
This was beautiful and very powerful. How wonderful to think of the grace that God provides to stand firm and even rejoice in the face of death. Blessings on you and your writing!
I gasped out loud when I discovered her age (a sign that you had me completely capivated), and the last line was perfection. Surely a winner.
I loved the end! Beautifully written! I pray we all have this attitude of not denying our faith in the face of death.
Wow! I was held captive until the very end. I loved it.
All my life I have wondered how we can have such an easy Christian life, while others have it so difficult. And, I wonder how well we have prepared our own little ones to stand firm in the face of the unthinkable: persecution to the point of death. Thank you for this story and your part in getting out the word.
Beautifully written. Heart wrenching, but many are facing this now and more will in the future. Thank you for giving words to this plight. You did a great job!
Wow! Gripping dramatic story. Strong sense of place and character. Had me glued to the screen.
Oh wow! This gripped me throughout - and I totally gasped when you told this little girl's age! So very compelling, and I LOVE the end. I will remember this one for a LONG time!
Congratulations Sandra. This is amazing!
Congratulations on making editor's choice!

I agree with the comments about that last line being just perfect, and love the way the song, "Jesus loves me" was woven throughout.

The softie in me was glad that there wasn't much torture in there before the shot ... I guess 750 words isn't room for too much horrible torture ... thank goodness!

I have a couple of friends a little older than myself who survived those awful days as children ... imprisonment of their fathers or sent to desert camps to learn through hard labour etc ... to think what their faith withstood is incredible. Your piece highlights again the childlike faith which Jesus loves.
Congratulations, Sandra. A well-deserved win.