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And we're all being chased - and often run away so fast.
This reminds me of a friend of mine named Clare - who was also running from God. It's good to know that He never stops chasing us - no matter how long we run.
Thanks for sharing this touching story.

God bless,

Very well written, I wish there had been more room to know what happened when Claire went back.
This is good. Keep up the good work!
Wow, this is cool. It's definitely true that songs (melodies, refrains) can come unbidden and stick in our minds! I find myself "hearing" snatches of the score from "The Passion of the Christ" movie - they just show up every now and then, and won't leave.

I like your link with grandmother...that adds the relational touch. And the hope at the end...sigh...just an all-around rewarding read. :-)
I love it! When David picked the men who were to lead worship in his new united kingdom, he described them as "prophets" - music is forthtelling, the ministry of the Word, and the Word does chase us down. Wonderful!
As I pray for those around me who have turned their shoulder away from Jesus, I wonder as to how He, their Shepherd, will bring them back. Your story has given me a delightful and refreshing perspective on another of God's tools. It's not so easy to get rid of the songs that play over and over in our minds!! Thank you for your very well-written story that has lifted my heart and given me another reason to smile. Well done.
Great story, we have have ran away haven't we at some point in our life....
Oh yes, I have had times when I was struggling with something, only to realize that the hymn I was absentmindely humming contained the answer I sought. Great story!
Wonderful story! I can't count the times "Words of Worship" waft through my thoughts when I need them most. All though you hinted to her future redemption, I would still love to see it continue. Excellent job!
Excellent writing and vivid story-telling. As someone else pointed out, I loved the hope at the end. The added memories helped give a glimpse into Claire's life and the Reverend showing up confirmed God's hand in it. Nicely done.
Excellent! Perfection! I'm betting this is a winner!
Love the story and the subtle way you've weaved the lesson. I like it! Great job. :) Jo
You didn't give too much away... there's hope, but room to wonder and ponder. Songs - melodies - can have a powerful influence on our memories... and you used that fact. Convincing dialogue... Good job... as always!
A great story! I liked the ending as you wrote it. To do more in 750 words may have seemed rushed and possibly unrealistic.

Claire's character rang true from beginning to end. A favorite paragraph: "Oh, for Pete's sake..." I liked his response too. Very nice writing.
Absolutely wonderful, as usual! I love the thought that God chases each and every one of us because we are so precious to Him. Your ending was perfect - hopeful, but not too pat. Excellent writing.
I really loved the flash back paragraph's descriptions and how you ended with a call "someday soon". It left it more believable to leave things open ended with hope. Great job overall. Oh, and I liked the pastor having gray eyes too. Nice touch. :) Made me wounder if he was a handsome, single gray eyed pastor...
This was so REAL. You really do have a marvelous way of putting us right in the middle of these! I love the hope at the end, and all the little "circumstances" that led her to where she was. Wonderful!
I loved the believability of this piece! Coming to Christ is more often a process...I see the process in your story. Great work!
very nice - I love the melody getting stuck in her head :) Been there! Nicely done, nice ending
And I can hear my Grandma leading the singing as she did just before my Grandaddy led the service in their small country church while I sat in the pew and absorbed it all. Thanks for the memory.
This is a beautiful reminder of the powerful way that music never leaves us once it has been embedded in our hearts. Thanks for sharing!
Wonderful. You convey the emptiness and unnamed stress she feels so directly and intimately, I was right next to her before I even realized it. Nice job!
Excellent, as usual! Looks like you may have another winner here! :) Great writing by an extremely talented writer!
Excellent, very believable. Great job as usual.
Oh, there are so many good things about this piece. Overall, it is EXCELLENT. I can't add anything to what has been said already. Great work.
Love the way the 'Hound of Heaven' keeps hounding! One song and then another. Glad that you left the story open ended but with lashings of hope. yeggy