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What I like- everything! It was great! surprised me a few times ,with the girl and how you arranged that, loved the ending. The dialogue was real and I could see it play out before me. Nice writing!
What I might change - so okay, I noticed after 'area', I might place a comma!:)
Such a tiny glimpse so powerfully written. The ending, although suspected, still catches the reader of guard. Sad.
Sad and sweet, an original approach to the topic. I liked it a lot.
This story will linger in my heart for years to come, I'm sure.
LIked the journal-entry approach - this was an effective way to tell your story. I wondered what happened w/ Dr. Callahan...later on? Jim's willingness to take a chance in giving away the cross is admirable. :-)

Very personal story-telling.
Beautifully crafted story full of emotion. This was an easy-to-read story that kept my attention. Although I could see the ending coming, you already had my attention. Great work! :)
I love the journal approach to this. You do a wonderful job of developing these relationships and the intern's and making us care. The final scene, though predictable was so poignant and wonderful. Great job!!
Very touching and heart-warming story. I like the way Dr. Jim kept asking God for His help. It gave the story extra strength.
Excellent job Tim!!! I enjoyed this story tremendously. I think "jim" knew what the ending would be too. I think it was very appropriate/symbolic that Jim got the cross back too, because he too needed the power of the cross to continue. I think that is the most "too"'s i ever put in a comment:) God bless.
Tim, I always look forward to your entries. This one is no exception. Great writing and great format (the journal thing). It was very touching and sweet. Great job, as usual.
WOW! WOW! WOW! Heartfelt, heartwarming, a masterpiece!
Now I need a tissue!
You've certainly taken us into the heart of many medical professionals. Very well written with a perfect dose of everything. Jo
I can't say anything else that has been I'll say it again, AMAZING!
Hiya Tim, that was quite a heart wrenching journey without being sentimental or melodramatic, a hard line to 'walk'. Well done. yeggy