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I had to wait for the goosebumps to go away before I could comment. Good Lord! What an entry. Three trees in the garden. . .I saw where this was going and still couldn't wait to read it! Most unbelievably excellent!! Thank goodness this wasn't in advanced. Whew!!!
Marvelous! I love how you put all the pieces together connected by the seeds of a tree. Great stuff here!
I particularly love your use of lyrical language here, and your creative twist on an old folk tale. Oh, and your names for God which build on each other. This is wonderful, beautifully written.
Masterful for sure! This has a "high" feeling...the same feeling I get when entering a cathedral with ornate paintings, tall ceilings, pillars, stained glass, and liturgical worship in progress.
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Masterfully written! I love it!!! :)
How very clever! I was instantly drawn into this story, waiting to know the meaning of the third tree. Excellent! I loved it!
Oh, Helen - this is masterful. I loved your lyrical language as well, and the wonderful, wonderful message you so wonderfully expressed in this. Thank you for your writing!
Creative Masterpiece! Looks like another win!!
Helen, it's just beautiful! It has the feel of legend, something lofty and full of awe of the ages. (Move over, Tolkien!) The end is especially rich. A winner in my book!
OH MY....... What a story!!!! It honestly should be made into a video! Very visual. Great job! Intense applause!