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Very ingenious to form the cross with your words; beautifully written.
Bravo! Great creativity and words. Lovely!
An awesome work of art both in shape and prose. Brilliant and lovely. Exceptionally well done.
Love it!
This is so awesome, SO AWESOME did I mention that this is AWESOME forming the cross with your words is very captivating but your message WOW--- GREAT WORK
Awesome! I love the perspective of non lingering in reference to the cross. There are so many good descriptions. I love the part about a piece of cloth hanging on in passion. There are so many lines I love, but this is my fav. because it says it all.

Love was
sacrificed by Love,
in order that Love
might live.

Now let us go and grasp grace. Simply beautiful. Blessings Brenda

Sorry, I forgot. I also love how you shaped it in the form of a cross. Very clever!
I'm breathless. What a powerful and creative entry, filled with death and life and love. The words forming the shape of a cross was a brilliant touch to a masterful entry. Truly perfection.
Nicely done.
WOW!! This should place high for creativity! Awesome job!
This was beautiful!
Simply breathtaking! Praise Him and His work in you!
Okay, Jan, I found it. I think I like your cross better. Got right to the heart of the matter too, didn't you! Grand job!
Excellent Job. I like the message and the lay out.
Wow, amazing! Of course the formatting is incredible but the message is strong as well. Love the ending with its admonition to GRASP GRACE - I mean what else is there when we define Life in Him??

"Turn around
and follow the path
to a stone-sealed
tomb. Wait. Wait.
Wait. Soon you will
see the end of death,
the birth of Grace.
Nowgrasp Grace."

In this place Love was sacrificed by Love, in order
that Love might live. Shadows of innumerable sins
are fading now into the weathered wood.


Yep I liked it! I opened the page and it took my breath away! You are soooo creative! I love how you think, how you write, and how you attack your work with excellence! :)

The word pictures you have painted in this piece are incredible. Wonderful! Simply wonderful! Kudos to you!
well done - I love the way you picked the words to fit exactly into the cross. This has a great flow and packs a lot of grace into the picture. :) :)
I would only be repeating the others before, but I will say, "Bravo". This is why enjoy your writing. I love running into creativity, courage, freedom and anointing. And I do that regulary with your entries, but this...this encourages me, creatively and spiritually. Thank you!!!!! God bless.
This is astounding. You have so many phrases in here that just grabbed me and haven't yet let go. Amazing.
Oh, Jan, how powerful! Grasping Grace literally at the foot of the Cross...what an unforgettable image! Beautifully done...and no surprise at all that this gem is yours!
"Nowgrasp Grace."
I love this line, this challenge! You brought tears to my eyes, looks like another win!!
This should be submitted for a greater award.
Wow, this is so very beautiful! Amazing in every way!
Jan, How on earth did I miss this before today? As usual, you have blown me away. Stunning!
I really enjoyed this! Awesome writing!
Jan, this is just beautiful. I loved it. I can't think of many words to add to all the comments, but I can say congratulations! I hope that they can put this format into the book!
Yhis is truly a work of art in every way! Well-deserved win!
I only just now read/saw/became in involved/cried/caught my breath and whew! Stunning, beautiful and congrats on this win!
Congratulations on your win, Jan. You are so creative. A very well done writing. I love your choice of words and phrasing.
there are so amny things to love about th is poem Jan, You paint the outward picture and the inward, other meanings of the cross with powerful eloquence. My favourite lines: Shadows/
of innumerable sins/are fading now into/the weathered wood. (BTW thanks for commenting on my Silent Stars entry)yeggy
Well-done Jan. An interesting presentation of what appears to be poetry. Your words were expressive and beautiful to read causing me to ponder again the sacrafice of our Lord on behalf of humanity that we would be free of sin's death sentence because of God's grace. A joyous read that lends itself to prayers of thanks. Your honor God with your writing and bless the readers of your work.