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Yikes! You really took us on quite a journey! Do people really do this, or is it something you created? At any rate, I read it twice, and it's powerful stuff, with great imagery. Rather haunting, actually. Great job.
Wow! Your opening made me curious and drew me right into this powerful piece and left me literally with my mouth hanging open. This is awesome!
wow! Great writing! And what a read! Awesome take!

Very well written and very powerful. Excellent imagery.
Oh WOW! Your description is so, SO amazingly vivid and atmospheric. I don't think I took a breath the whole time I read this. Very disturbing, but exceptionally well written!
Other than this being quite original, well-written and searing in its content, all I can say is, "Owwwweeeeee!" :) Jo
I'm sitting here not quite knowing how to react! Your writing is awesome, the imagery is amazing. But ... well, I don't know quite how to react. I'd be curious to know if this is something you just created or is this some kind of true story? How on earth did you come up with this! LOL Anyway, great work! :)
Wow, such incredible writing that made me shudder a bit! :)
Very atmospheric, Beth. Gripping, creative story with a twist at the end - made me re-read to make sure that I hadn't missed anything! (BTW thanks for commenting on my silent stars entry) yeggy