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Wow, this really hits home...I've known people with this exact attitude. One quick thing: I think you meant "gesture" instead of "jester". This story has a very good message.
Strong message of the Cross.
May we remember the Cross as we remember His resurrection!
Good story line with true-life commentary.

I stumbled at first over the "jester/gesture" thing, too. :-)

Thanks for the strong ending!!

Great description/dialogue here - and a very strong ending. I really enjoyed this!
I really liked how you wove this story. Excellent job! I soooo ebjoyed it!
Very nice! Its a cheap Easter without Good Friday. Remember the cross. Excellent! That's a quotable quote, for sure! :)
I think both characters can learn much from each other (and digging into their Bible). A well told story. And how true -we can't have the ressurection without the cross and the cross has no meaning without the ressurection.
A realistic dialogue between friends and a well told story. I really liked the ending when she heard, "She's healed now..." Good job!
What a very real story! This does indeed contain a skillfully written message that is needed today. Looking through earthly eyes, death is the worst of fates, through heaven focused eyes death is a portal to healing in His Time. Wonderful entry, Venice!
Well-written, great message to absorb! Blessings. :)
Wonderful story full of truth, I with the others loved the ending. The quote is outstanding. Excellent!