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Beautiful story, and thank-you for writing it so well. Your opening was especially good.
I really enjoyed this article. I live in Kentucky and have heard of Man-O-War, butI did not know this part of the story. This was well written and could possibly even find a place in magazines from this area of the country. (I happen to live near Man-O-War road, so he is well known around here.)
Loved the opening - it drew me right in. The piece itself was written very well and held my interest throughout. A touching story of a special kind of friendship. Great work!
This is a winning story. Sounds like Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul! I'm not much into horses, but this is an exception! Great work!
Ah, simply beautiful and touching. So well written. I absolutely, absolutely loved this. I love horses, used to have one. You drew me into the story heart and soul.

Brenda C.

So true: Special friendships are made by going through the "peaks, but in the valleys as well." Nicely written. I agree with Marilee-submit!
This is absolutely amazing! Your first and last paragraphs were absolutely PERFECT - and your description throughout was so very vivid. You painted a masterpiece with words here. What a beautiful story about a beautiful relationship!
Excellent read about an excellent horse. If it weren't for that freak upset by Upset, he'd have been perfect. He deserved it.

You captured the sentiment well, and paid fitting tribute to both man and horse. Well done.
I love how you leave Red's "identity" a secret a first. It made me wnat to keep on reading.
Interesting take on the topic...w/ reference to peaks and valleys of success and relationship.

I would like to have met Big Red. But more than that, I would like to have met Will. I think he might have had some clues about what it means to live motivated by sacrifice, and love extravagantly. :-)

Well done, Teri. I love historical fiction and you do it well. Congratulations on a fine story.