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And may God be pleased to send many more such revivals. Wonderful story, well told.
Great piece. Powerfully, evocatively written. Have you seen 'Valley of the ...Blessed' in Level 3 which deals with the same theme? Thank you for this. I grew up in Wales and love the stories of the pit ponies which didn't know what to do any more, because they were used to being driven by swear words.
It is always fantastic to read about how God has acted to change whole communities. Was this true family history, or were you using litarary licence? It read like true history. I hope it was, for it is encouraging to think of revival fire burning on in the hearts of those who witnessed it, even if it was as a baby (I'm assuming Nanny was Margaret)! That is staggering.
Good read. I had to check it out after the title :-) I like the way it ended also.
What an interesting and worthwhile read. It flowed smoothly and came together wonderfully in the end. The enging was perfect - I love great last lines, lines that leave you with a profound thought, which yours did. You tied it together nicely. Well done!
What a wonderful story - especially knowing it is true! Perfect ending - and beginning! I enjoy these historical ones.
Very interesting and well-crafted read. What a heritage to have. Wonderful job
Wow - and knowing it's a true story makes it even more wow (and I just read two stories back to back about the same revival - how cool is that?)

I enjoyed this! I loved how you tied the first and last part together.
I went to uni in Wales. Great to hear this wonderful testimony :)